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If a player tends to be the helper, he gets a better score. And I never saw him go in the wrong direction, not once. He also uses that length to be one of the best shot-blocking point guards in the league. Thats pretty much what you see with Conley. His contributions won him a spot on the NBA All-Time 50th Anniversary Team. 2. -- Peterson, A menace on both ends of the court, Frazier was at his best in the 1970 NBA Finals when tallied 36 points, 19 assists, 7 rebounds in a title-clinching Game 7. Coming off one of the best offensive seasons in NBA history, Curry takes the top spot on our list of the league's best point guards, followed closely by 22-year-old wunderkind Luka Doncic, who may . (Note: Players chosen only if they have played as a shooting guard for most, if not all, of their career.). Always free! Because Derrick Rose was the NBAs youngest MVP in 2009, its unfortunate that the guy isnt higher on this list. How they moved laterally, closed out on shooters, and recovered after getting beaten were also taken into account. Players Stats: 24.0 PPG, 4.2 RPG, 6.5 APG, 1.0 SPG, 0.3 BPG, Honors: 5x All-Stars, 4x All-NBA Selection, 2012-2013 Rookie of the Year. Thats largely true. He always seems to know exactly where everyone is. Later in his career, he even improved as an outside shooter, which contributed significantly to his longevity. Top NBA point guards for 2022-23: Ranking all 30 starters | Sporting News TMGNNS LEBRON Sun, 4:30p DEN CLE 2/23, 4:00p BOS IND 2/23, 4:00p DET ORL 2/23, 4:00p MEM PHI 2/23, 4:30p NOP TOR. -- Haberstroh, Teams Lowry just seems to be lost on defense much of the time. You can be the best shooter in the world, but you can't score if you don't get the ball. Point guards must be able to maintain possession of the ball in crowded spaces and in traffic and be able to advance the ball quickly. In his rookie year, he was already averaging 2 steals per game with 0.2 blocks. He doesnt put a lot of effort into chasing his man through screens. On pick-and-rolls when hes not set, teams have learned to expect this. In the last entry, we focused on the five best defensive NBA point guards of all time, but now, we turn to the five best defensive shooting guards in NBA history. Hell overshoot passing lanes, gambling for the steal. If youre a fan of the TV show Suits, you might agree that Harvey Specter dresses well. Hes incredibly focused while on the court, but hes always working things out in his head; they dont come automatically, and that costs him time. Hes not going to get beaten back, and he doesnt give up in transition. 10-time All-Star, six-time All-NBA selection, nine-time All-D selection, co-Rookie of the Year (1994-95), Career stats Rondo likes to do this chest bump thing where he meets the opponent past the half-court line and just bumps his chest into him repeatedly. Hell frequent the area at the top of the key, just above the free-throw line, and when a shooter starts to shoot, hell close out quickly to challenge the shot, regardless of where it is coming from. The other thing thats surprising about Rondo with his size is how well he fights over picks. His 48.8 DWS is 48th all-time and the fourth most by a point guard. Let's see who has made it to the top 10 best point guards of all time. For this reason, a small penalty was exacted for every minute under 30 minutes, and a small bonus was provided over 30 minutes. If someone goes past him, hell usually just wave goodbye. 13.1 PPG, 10.5 APG, 2.2 SPG, .384 3P%, The player A decade of playing and a plethora of injuries havent helped him get any faster. However, a good jump shot and the ability to score off a drive to the basket are still valuable skills. Derrick Rose 15. Hopefully he can break it. When it came to size, the main flaw in his game was that he was very fast and explosive with his handles. The game has been graced by several incredible players whose names live on even after they retire. Whenever anyone imagines a point guard, chances are theyre thinking of Utah Jazz legend John Stockton. Top 10 Point Guards of All Time Best NBA Point Guards, NBA and other Best Basketball Leagues in the World, Facebook and Twitter takedown hackers targeting Ukraine political figures and military officials via fake accounts, Britney Spears called out Fans that She felt Sick to her stomach after Family plans Intervention, Stephen tWitch Boss passed away intestate, wife Allison Holker has filed Estate Control. He might not be the fastest guy in the world, but that doesnt keep him from trying to be. Is he an effective flopper? Finals MVP, 12-time All-Star, five-time All-NBA selection, Hall of Fame, Career stats Here are the answers to some questions readers are likely to have. Sometimes, all that the on/off stats tell you is the difference between two players that play the same position. Hes able to use that size advantage by being physical, playing close and aggressive, often forcing shooters into shots they arent comfortable taking. As a result, he rarely gets tangled up with the pick-setter. Can they play bigger than they really are? There arent a lot of players that could lock down Michael Jordan, the greatest player of all time. Thats a strong indication that Rose was not relying on help defense because that same help was there for C.J. Pauls been an All-Defensive Team selection nine times, being selected to the First Team seven times and the Second Team twice. Strictly speaking, he should have a score closer to 20, but because of all the help he is in the locker room and practice, he gets a little leeway. However his brilliant and consistent team defense team keeps passing lanes secure and helps prevent a lot of plays from developing the way they normally would. Somehow, he seems to be able to get his hands in the way of a lot of shots and passes that should be out of reach. The best way to track how effective a player is on the defensive end is by looking at their cumulative defensive win shares. While it does keep the opponent in front of him, it defeats the purpose if the opponent is still getting to the basket. He plays longer than he actually is. For many of these metrics, sample size becomes crucial. After the All-Star break, when Rose hardly played, that number fell to 17.8 and the Bulls dropped to ninth. Although Wade had an accomplished resume, if he had played one more season, he wouldve easily overtaken the next player on the list. Hes just over 60" without shoes but has a wingspan of 67.5. Only four players in the history of the combine are as short or shorter and have at least that kind of reach. Below is a list of the 25 Best point guards of the NBA. The best way to track how effective a player is on the defensive end is by looking at their cumulative defensive win shares. The seven-time All-Star was one of the best two-way guards of his time, and his performance in Game 7 of the 1970 NBA FInals remains one for the ages. Archibald, who was just 61 tall, was able to consistently sink the ball despite his diminutive stature. As Kyrie Irving showed in the decisive Game 7 versus the Warriors when he beat Stephen Curry to the game-winning jumper, Kyrie Irving is also one of the finest guards in NBA history, and he possesses some of the best hands of all time. Defensive rebounds are generally undervalued, although its also true that all defensive rebounds arent the same. Point guards are often valued more for their assist totals than for their scoring. Overall, hes ninth in steals with 2,207, and Drexlers 49.9 DWS is good for 45th all-time. He still struggles against the spot-up, though, because of issues that will be addressed later. Bill Russell 3. Isiah Thomas, born on April 30, 1961, and possibly the best player ever under 6-foot-1, combined talent with fierce competitiveness. Some would look at Conleys frontcourt and assumenot entirely incorrectlythat having Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol to back him up pads his stats. This is not so common anymore, as most coaches are now solely specialized in coaching and are non-players. Kyle Lowry has exceptional speed and athleticism. READ ALSO: James Harden's age: stats, contract, family, dating, net worth in 2022 and more. Injuries robbed Rose of the opportunity to become one of the games top five point guards. Over the last decade, the best point guards such as Stephen Curry, Damian Lillard, Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, and others have dominated the position. He plays way too far off the ball, supposedly so he wont get beaten, but since he perpetually gets beaten like a drum anyway, why not play closer up so he can at least do a better job of defending the jump shot? Because they each feel a different thing, an argument arises as to who is right. You can almost rate Chalmers improving basketball intelligence by how many times per game he gets yelled at by his superstar teammates. Not only is Damian Lillard one of the most exciting players in the game today, he makes a strong case as one of the best point guards in NBA history. Robertson's offensive ability transformed the point guard stereotype from a passer and floor general to a scorer and offensive weapon. Congratulations, Brian Roberts! Let me remind everyone, young and old, I played against @iamisiahthomas when he was hurt & hobbling on one leg and @iamisiahthomas still scored 25 points in one quarter in the NBA Finals! 19.5 PPG, 7.2 RPG, 11.2 APG, .520 FG%, The player For each player, I watched between one and two hours of footage of defense, taking account of specific things and grading them in five different areas. -- Adams, Thomas was as tough as they come, could score with the best of them (such a sweet stroke) and, make no mistake, was the baddest of the Bad Boys. The five best defensive point guards of all time Jarrod Castillo Dec 16, 2019; Oklahoma City, OK, USA; Oklahoma City Thunder guard Chris Paul (3) directs his team during a play against the. He compensates for his diminutive size by fighting hard and using that aforementioned quickness. In the late 1980s, he was the face of the Bad Boys Pistons, who defeated Jordan's Bulls three times in a row in the playoffs. He is suitable at keeping most players out on the perimeter, but against elite point guards he has more problems. On Detroits 2004 NBA championship squad, he led the likes of Rip Hamilton, Ben Wallace and Rasheed Wallace to victory over the LA Lakers superteam. However, the other side of the ball cant be overlooked because as the saying goes: defense wins championships.. His defensive usage was the highest of any player with at least 1,200 minutes. In his 20 seasons, Bryant. Its difficult to have a perfect rating system thats entirely objective, and even more difficult to have a realistic one that is purely subjective. With both, its the combination of their size and speed that makes them so phenomenal. Sometimes his teammates bailed him out; sometimes the shot just didnt go in. Bing, despite having one of his eyes injured, was an attacking force to be reckoned with. Its hard to notice his effort, though, because of the consistency with which he gets destroyed. Michael Cooper was a great defensive guard, evident when he won the Defensive Player of the Year (DPOY) award in 1987, and James Worthy is a top-ten Small Forward of all-time and was one of the . Eight-time All-Star, seven-time All-NBA selection, seven-time All-D selection, Rookie of the Year (2005-06), Career stats If Williams had more pride in his defense, he would actually ask for, and depend on, help more than he does. -- Peterson, Teams James is well-known for his incredible skill and ability to score big points, which frequently help his team win crucial games. What he gives up at the point of attack, he makes up for with his team defense. Bob Cousey 8. He might have Silly Putty for a father. Rondo may not be big, but he doesnt know that. Lets say a perimeter defender gets beaten and then his center blocks the shot. So the problem isnt a lack of speed; its a lack of applying it. Magic Johnson won the National Basketball Association Most Valuable Player Award three times in his career. Oscar is the first triple-double king and is one of the greatest NBA players of all time, no matter what position he is playing. Despite making it to the Western Conference Finals last season, he is yet to make an appearance in the NBA Finals. The point guard is positioned on the perimeter of the play, so as to have the best view of the action. Mike Conley is exceptionally quick, virtually teleporting himself from one part of the court to another at times. -- Pelton, If he had played with The Mailman or a defense as stout as the Pistons, he might have made a couple of Finals by now. That said, here are the five best defensive NBA point guards of all time, based on their DWS. Gary Payton. Even point guards who are not given this much freedom, however, are still extensions of their coach on the floor and must display good leadership skills. He does an air-tight job of keeping players out of the perimeter. He falls into his rotations smoothly. Gary Payton 9. He may get beaten occasionally, and he might get outmuscled more frequently, but he never gets outhustled. Finally, both are improving on the defensive side of the ball. In fact, hes probably as adept as anyone at this, and his Synergy numbers, .68 points per play against the pick-and-roll, certainly back it up. For his career, Jordan averaged 2.3 steals (third all-time) and 4.2 DWS per year. Second, having a five-point range on a 22-point scale prevents any one statistic from overly dominating the others. He was transcendent. It is one thing to be able to recognize the player that is in a tactically advantageous position, but it is another thing entirely to be able to deliver the ball to that player. flight school orlando executive airport, qcm ecole directe triche,